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terms of use

Most other sites will have a long document here of legal glibberish. We're just going to be clear on our polices with a few short bullet points

  1. We will not let out your private information
    All of us hate spam. We will never sell or trade your personal information. You have our word.

  2. NO posting of illegal content, pornography, prostitution, illegal pets, drugs, spells, surgeries, loans, etc
    Don't post anything that violates laws, infringes copyright, IPs, etc. We can go on and on what to post and whats not and it can fill a book. Please be sensible - this is a family site. Any member with such ads will be banned on sight.

    We reserve all rights to remove any ad and suspend accounts we deem inappropiate for any reason whatsover.

  3. Liability of content: We try our best to monitor the content posted.
    If you find a post offensive or spamy, please flag it to let us know. It is difficult to keep track of the large amount of content passing through our site.

  4. Featured Ads
    We may roll a featured ads service which allow ads to be shown on top of category results pages. When you pay for such a service, we do not guarantee the site's uptime for the period you paid for as things can happen

  5. Copyright and DMCA violations
    Please let us know of such violations at the Contact Us page.